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   "At House of Work I feel understood. Everyone is always willing to help. House of Work makes me feel welcome and at home in the Netherlands. They have helped me find a good job and a nice home, close to my client."

   "Friends recommended House of Work. I am very happy with that. I feel valued and respected by House of Work. My coordinator is always there for me, in terms of work and housing."

   "House of Work gives me the opportunity to develop myself. And to build a good future step by step. For example, I learned English, so that I can communicate better with people. House of Work understands me."

   "I have a stable income with House of Work. That's why I can build an existence in the Netherlands and do things. The remuneration is also good."

   "At House of Work you get the chance to build a good life in the Netherlands. That is nice if you want to stay for a longer period. With a good salary, which is always paid on time."