House of Work originated from the close collaboration between the temporary employment agencies EG Personeel, Westflex, FlexWorx!, ICE Agency, and the reintegration center RC Westland. We refer to these 5 companies as our 'labels', and together these labels form House of Work.

In the turbulent flexible labor market, we combine the knowledge of various fields and share our experiences. This makes us a strong market player of sufficient size, decisive, and fully customer-focused!

We have recruitment offices in countries such as Poland, Romania, and the Netherlands. Motivated employees for production and logistical tasks are carefully selected there.

We manage various high-quality housing locations. These are mostly independent studios for 2 people with a lot of privacy. And homes with bedrooms for up to 2 people, a shared kitchen, bathroom, and a living room. These homes are spread across the Netherlands.

Due to being the own-risk carrier of sickness benefits, we have a lot of expertise in the field of absenteeism. We have our own HR reintegration company where dozens of people are busy returning to their own work or taking on a new challenge every day. We also help people on the sidelines get a sustainable job through a learning and working trajectory.

We have a lot of knowledge and experience in multiple fields, such as the agricultural sector, logistics, technology, and the food industry, and share our experiences there. A strong market player of sufficient size, decisive, and fully customer-focused!

This is what we do it for: We connect people!

Successfully connecting people is our ultimate goal. We make this possible by offering a complete package of international and high-quality labor and HR solutions. We strongly believe in a personal approach, with attention, honesty, and transparency in the labor mediation process. Important values firmly anchored in our DNA.

In an ever-changing world of work, we continue to focus on personal attention, involvement, and respect. For us, it's about people. This is how we create sustainable relationships between people and companies. By making optimal use of scale and pooling strengths in our organization, we respond to the growing demand from clients for quality labor and HR.