It's great to have you working at Ice Agency B.V.

Ice Agency B.V. is affiliated with the trade organization ABU, the hallmark for reliable flexible work! As a good employer we would like to inform you about a number of things before you start working for Ice Agency B.V.

In this letter we inform you about:

  • Work and remuneration
  • Accommodation
  • Transport and accommodation
  • Registration in the Netherlands
  • Health insurance


Work and remuneration

Before you come to the Netherlands, we often do not know exactly with which client you will be working.
You will receive the exact information about the company, the position, qualifications, working hours and remuneration just before starting work.
The work will mainly be in the production, packaging, technical and agricultural sectors. The most common positions are packing, production and general functions.
The starting remuneration will be between € 11,51 and € 12,12 gross per hour excluding vacation allowance and days off. The average working hours, measured over 13 weeks, will be at least 30 hours. In the first week(s) this may be somewhat less.


When you come to work for Ice Agency B.V. you have the choice of arranging your own accommodation or making use of accommodation provided by Ice Agency B.V.. If you choose to use accommodation provided by Ice Agency B.V., this is in principle for a maximum of 3 years. After the 3-year period it is assumed that you have become sufficiently familiar with the Netherlands and that you can provide housing yourself. Of course you can choose to arrange your own housing earlier.

For accommodation via Ice Agency B.V. you pay between € 112,00 and € 140.00 per week, depending on the type of room. These costs will be deducted from your salary in accordance with laws and regulations. As you will understand, in our accommodation are living and house rules applicable. You will find these rules in the accommodation and in the agreement that we make with you for use.

All housing provided by Ice Agency B.V. is SNF certified. For more information on the quality mark go to: normeringflexwonen.nl. For complaints you can go to a contact person appointed by Ice Agency B.V.. If we do not resolve the complaint satisfactorily you can also go to this website. 

If you arrange your own accommodation it is important that you take into account the distance from your home to the company where you will be working. You can arrange your own housing through a rental agency or through a housing association. More information can be found on the Internet.


Ice Agency B.V. will organize your travel to and from work for you if you wish. It is usual in the Netherlands for you to cover this distance by bicycle within a radius of 10 kilometers. If you wish, these can be made available by Ice Agency B.V. against payment of a deposit.

Registration in The Netherlands

Everyone who works in the Netherlands needs to have a Citizen Service Number (BSN). If you do not have a BSN yet you can obtain one at the same time as registering in the Register of Non-Residents (RNI). If desired we can support you with this. Registering in the RNI is an obligation.
If you plan to stay in the Netherlands for longer than four months, or if you will be staying in the Netherlands after four months, you are obliged to register in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP).

You will find more information about this here:

  • Bulgarian: www.abu.nl/добре дошли
  • English: www.abu.nl/welcome
  • Hungarian: www.abu.nl/udvozoljuk
  • Latvian: www.abu.nl/laipnilugti
  • Lithuanian: www.abu.nl/sveiki
  • Polish: www.abu.nl/witamy
  • Portuguese: www.abu.nl/bem-vindo
  • Romanian: www.abu.nl/bunvenit
  • Slovak: www.abu.nl/vitajte
  • Spanish: www.abu.nl/bienvenido
  • Czech: www.abu.nl/vitejte

There are various possibilities for taking Dutch courses through the municipality if you are registered in the BRP. You can find information about this on the website of your municipality.

Health insurance

If you work in the Netherlands, you are obliged to take out Dutch (basic) health insurance. We offer you the opportunity to do this via Ice Agency B.V.. We have taken out collective health insurance with Hollandzorg, with this insurance you have no excess. The costs are €33,51 per week. You can also choose to take out your own health insurance with any other health insurer. In that case you must show us a copy of your health card or policy. We have to determine whether you are insured for health care costs.

Complaints about our services, both in the recruitment process and during employment, can be reported to your job coach/coordinator or via info@iceagency.nl. more about this can be found in our personnel guide.

By signing this document, you certify that:

  • You received this information well before starting this work.
  • You have voluntarily chosen Ice Agency B.V. as your employer.
  • No return service in whatever form or by whomever was asked for in the recruitment process.
  • You have freely chosen the way in which you will be accommodated and whether or not you will make use of the health insurance offered.