Making a positive difference in the migrant workers market, that is what drives our organisation. And it what we've been doing for over ten years.

Continuous development since 2007

We are continuously developing ourselves and work actively on a successful future with sustainable results and relationships.

We have been making a positive difference in the market of migrant workers since 2007. In our early days, we stood out just because we simply followed the rules. Over the years, we set the bars increasingly higher. Our services package for the employer as well as for the employee have therefore been considerably extended. Our most recent survey showed that our investment in modern technologies (such as our company app) are greatly appreciated. Needless to say that we are extremely happy about this! After more than ten years, ICE Agency now has over 1,000 temporary workers. We will continue to develop and improve ourselves and our services, so that we will have an answer to your labour market issues in the future as well.

Specialised agency

We are specialised in the market of migrant workers. We know all the ins and outs of this niche market and know exactly how to deal with the needs of job seekers and employers. We are familiar with the various different cultures and understand the different backgrounds of our migrant workers as well as the challenges of the Dutch labour market.

Personally involved

The strength of our work method lies in our personal involvement. Both towards the job seekers and to the employers. We will a deep responsibility and will always do our utmost to find a fitting solution for every situation. We are flexible and like to think along with our temporary workers and clients.

Professional organisation

ICE Agency likes to be a trendsetter in this market, through our ideas, our work method and the technologies we apply. One of the examples is our own app which we developed for our temporary workers. It only takes a moment for them to see and sign their work contract. They can also easily download their payslips. Our professional attitude and reputation also shows in our honest, transparent, and committed approach. This is because our intermediary services go beyond just arranging work and workers. We are talking about people, expectations, and interests. These elements are all expertly taken care of at ICE Agency.