Are you looking for housing, close to where you work? At ICE Agency, we also act as an intermediary for housing. Spacious family homes where you live together with several other migrant workers. Sociable and practical!

Comfortable family homes

We have several family homes available for temporary workers who are looking for housing, spread across the Netherlands. All homes have a modern finish, are well-maintained, and include all the necessary amenities for a comfortable home and living environment.

Social contacts

You will share a family home with other migrant workers who are working for ICE Agency, either for the same client or for another client in the same area. This will give you the opportunity to build up a social life in the Netherlands in just a short period of time. You can commute to work together, go shopping, cook, or take part in sports activities together. When you have been in the Netherlands for a longer period, the next step would be to find your own place to live. ICE Agency will help you with that whenever we can.

Close to work

We aim for a maximum commuting time of thirty minutes. This is because a short travel time contributes to the motivation of our temporary workers. When they have a limited commuting time, our employees will be able to enjoy their free time optimally and build up a social life in the Netherlands. This is how we can jointly create a sustainable relationship.


We also offer means of transportation to our temporary workers, which are usually bicycles. On the other hand, more and more migrant workers have their own car. In that case, we often pay a travel allowance for the commuting distance.